Welcome to Makoto Aikido Malaysia

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All the instructors’ grades are recognised by the Aikikai system worldwide and the British Aikido Board. Also, the instructors are qualified and certified by the British Aikido Board.

Sensei Vince Lawrence has had over 20 years’ experience teaching adults and children and have helped many students achieve Black belt 1st dan and higher. Sensei Vince and instructor Rose have travelled to many countries to improve their Aikido and to teach others. This has helped them understand more, improve the syllabus and make it easier for students to improve quicker and gain their grades easier.

Our classes are divided into three stages. Adult classes (12years +), children’s classes (5yrs – 11yrs) and ladies’ classes (12years +).

Classes will consist of learning technique, movement, relaxation and much more, as well as practical exercises with a partner or partners. A basic swordsmanship and other weapons will be included once a month for over 12-year-olds only.