Makoto Aikido Jenjarom Fees

Special offer
For all new students first month free.

After the first month
For all new students. Pay for 3 months and get 4 months of classes, 1 month free. (children RM240/Adults RM360). Saving up to RM160. (First 4 months only), following 4 months children RM300/Adults RM440, still making a massive saving or pay monthly in advance, children RM80/Adults RM120

Member fee: RM120 for first year, RM80 for next year


Height 90cm – 120cm RM90,

Height 130cm – 150cm RM100,

Height 160cm – 180cm RM110

Wooden weapons: Including Jo staff, Bokken (wooden sword) and Tanto (wooden knife) RM200